Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lakers Fan Jam


This was the worst event ever. No autographs! Nobody showed up to sign. Players would only do a Q & A session. Early in the morning before the event had begun, staff told fans that no Lakers would be signing autographs. One staff member said that they were having too many problems the day before with arguments and fights breaking out in the autograph line. The autographs were the only reason people even showed up to the Fan Jam. I still entered the event since I had already paid for my ticket.

I guess it was not a complete waste of time. The girls made up for me not obtaining autographs. I even felt one of the Budweiser girls boobs by mistake when I put my arm around her. She didn't seem to mind. To be honest. It was a waste of time and money. Not worth it at all. The people who went to the event Saturday ruined it for everybody going on Sunday.

I recorded the video below of A.C. Green and Norm Nixon doing a Q & A session.

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