Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cedrick Hardman Autograph Signing

The 49ers all time sack leader Cedrick Hardman made an appearance at The Raider Image to meet with fans. Cedrick also spent a couple of seasons with the Raiders to justify him signing autographs at The Raider Image. In the morning I wasn't sure about going since I would have to go to the signing directly from work. In the morning I did put my camera in the car in case I did attend the event.

After work I decided to head over but wasn't really excited. I arrived at Ontario Mills sweaty, smelly and dirty. It was a little embarrassing since there was a lot of eye candy walking around if you know what I mean. At the same time I didn't care as long as I got my autograph.

When I arrived at the store there was a short line of only 5 people. Cedrick had a table set up with his Raider photos. All photos were $10 and included a signature. I'm a 49ers fan so I wanted a photo of Cedrick in a 49ers uniform. I asked politely where all the niner photos were and he pulled out a stash from a bag. After getting my autograph Cedrick let me take a picture with him wearing his Super Bowl ring.

Signing Recap:
  • People in line? 5 people.
  • Items per person? As many as you wanted at $10 an autograph.
  • Giveaways? None.
  • Which Raider Image location? Ontario
  • Free signing? No, but $10 for an autographed photo is dirt cheap.

Here is Cedrick signing my photo. All those years in the NFL took a toll on his hands.

Thanks to Cedrick Hardman and The Raider Image @ Ontario Mills for this event.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jamey Carroll Autograph Signing

Jamey Carroll made an appearance at Puente Hills Hyundai in the City of Industry to sign autographs. I was expecting a small turnout like at the Tony Gwynn Jr. signing last week. I was wrong. The line was over 100 people.

Jamey was scheduled to sign at 12:00 noon but arrived a little early. The signing was only scheduled for one hour so employees from the dealership wanted fans to get one item signed per person. Most fans didn't mind and just got back in line. I made it through the line two times and tried for a third but the line had been cut off.

I would prefer to make it to Hall of Famer or star athlete appearances. The thing is I am working on the weekends now and have to take advantage of any free signings during the week. It's come to signings like this or go to nothing at all.

Signing Recap:
  • People in line? A little over 100 people.
  • Items per person? 1 item with a chance to get back in line.
  • Giveaways? Hot dogs.
  • Free signing? Yes.

Jamey signing my bat.

My two signed items. A big stick and mini stick.

Here is a short video of the signing.

Thanks to Puente Hills Hyundai and Jamey Carroll for this free event.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tony Gwynn Jr. Autograph Signing

Tony Gwynn Jr. made an appearance at St. Vincent de Paul's Thrift Store in Los Angeles to sign autographs. I expected a small turnout for this signing and that was the case when I arrived. Only about 50 fans showed up for this appearance. It could of even been less.

KABC staff were very polite and had the autograph line well organized. Tony Gwynn Jr. showed up shortly after 12:00 noon and began to sign for the fans. Fans had the opportunity to get multiple items signed and take posed pics with Tony which made the line move very slow. It wasn't a big deal since it was a small turnout.

Signing Recap:
  • People in line? About 50 people.
  • Items per person? Multiple items with a chance to get back in line.
  • Free signing? Yes.

Here I am with Jr.

Jr. signed a "big stick" and "mini stick" for me.

Here is short video of the signing.

Nothing to do with the signing but here is Tony's Ride.

A close up of his "Bling Bling".

Thanks to St. Vincent de Paul, Tony Gwynn Jr. and 790 KABC for this free event.