Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vince Ferragamo Autograph Signing

My buddy Alex hosted another autograph signing at his practice in Rowland Heights. He brought in Vince Ferragamo who is one of the nicest former athletes that you will ever meet. Vince took his time to meet all the fans that came to this autograph signing. He couldn't help but sign multiple items for people who waited patiently in line. 

The turnout was one of the largest that Alex has had at any of his events. Nearly 100 people showed up to meet the former Rams star. A good portion of fans were Alex's patients who had priority in line. Since they spend a lot of money for his services the least he could do is let them go first. I had a lot of fun since I spent plenty of time talking to Vince throughout the event. I'm not sure how much fun other people had, but I had a good time. 

Signing Recap:
  • People in line? 80-100 people. 
  • Items per person? Most fans had multiple items signed.
  • Giveaways? Vince Ferragamo photos to a select few.
  • Free signing? Yes.
  • City of the event? Rowland Heights.

Vince signed 7 items for me.

I hadn't recorded a video at a signing in a while. Here is a
short video of Vince signing for patients who had priority in line.

I asked Vince to name one of his favorite songs. He
told me he really likes Santana's Black Magic Woman.

I'd like to thank Vince Ferragamo and Alex for setting up this free signing at his office.

This has nothing to do with the signing but it's something that I need to write about. More than likely this will be the last recap I ever post on this blog. I'm not going to post anymore upcoming appearances either. I am currently working on a new project. I appreciate all those that have visited this site time and time again. Thank you.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Vince Ferragamo Autograph Signing

My friend Alex will be hosting another autograph signing at his office in Rowland Heights. This time the special guest will be former NFL Quarterback Vince Ferragamo. I will be there and so should you. Please come out and show your support.

There are new details regarding the Vince Ferragamo appearance on Alex's Facebook page. Alex's Facebook page is linked here.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Anthony Miller Appearance?

Last August my friend Alex hosted a signing with former San Diego Charger Anthony Miller at his office in Rowland Heights. It wasn't much of a turnout due to a couple of other events taking place that day. When I met Anthony last Thursday he mentioned to Alex that he was open to doing another signing in the future. Obviously Alex won't set up another Anthony Miller appearance unless it's by popular demand.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mychal Thompson Autograph Signing

Mychal Thompson made an appearance at Mike Thompson's RV in Fountain Valley. The Dodgers Fan Fest was the biggest event going on today but I didn't bother because I knew it would be crazy over there. I was sure there wouldn't be many people at this event so I made last minute plans to attend. The other reason I decided to go is that Mychal is one of the few players from the "Showtime" Lakers that I hadn't met yet.

This was a long two hour signing that started at 12:00 noon and ended at 2:00 pm. It was a very last minute decision to go and I arrived at 1:30 pm. When I arrived at the event there was only 1 person in line. I'm sure there was a much larger turnout of fans but those people had left by the time I got there. The former member of the "Showtime" Lakers was very nice and took his time signing my items. 

Signing Recap:
  • People in line? 1 person when I arrived. 
  • Items per person? As many as you brought.
  • Giveaways? Free food and ESPN LA license plate frames.
  • Free signing? Yes.
  • Location of the event? Fountain Valley.

Like I said earlier, this was a last minute decision so 3 items was all I could gather.

The best part about going to autograph signings isn't the current or former 
athletes you meet. It's meeting all the beautiful woman that tend to show up.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Anthony Miller Signing

Anthony Miller made an appearance at my friends optometry practice in August of last year. I didn't attend that event because I couldn't get away from work. Earlier in the week Alex informed me that Anthony would be stopping by his office for an appointment and asked if I wanted to drop by. I couldn't turn down the opportunity for a private signing.

I arrived at the office shortly before Anthony's scheduled appointment. Anthony arrived minutes later and Alex brought him over to introduce him to me. I asked him to sign my items and he was more than happy to autograph them for me. Anthony was very friendly and talkative. I was in and out of the office in about 5 minutes.

The 5X Pro Bowler signed 8 items for me.

I want to thank Anthony Miller and my friend Alex for setting up this private signing for me.

Alex's Facebook page is linked here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Olden Polynice Autograph Signing

On Saturday my friend Alex hosted a free autograph signing featuring former NBA player Olden Polynice. The event took place at his Optometry practice in Rowland Heights. It was a short one hour signing with Olden meeting and greeting all fans who came out.

Before Olden arrived there was already a decent turnout of fans waiting in line. Olden arrived on time with his two daughters and signed away. He signed every item that fans brought including basketball cards that the office gave away as extra items.  It was a very fun and entertaining event with Olden taking the time to talk with all the fans.

For those of you that didn't know, Olden is Haitian. Olden brought a plastic box so fans could give a donation for Haiti relief as they stepped up to get their items signed. As the signing went on I noticed that the box slowly but surely got full of money. Not sure how much was raised but donating some cash for Haiti is the least we could do for him making the appearance.

Signing Recap:
  • People in line? Around 60 people showed up.
  • Items per person? All the items you brought.
  • Giveaways? Olden Polynice basketball cards.
  • Free signing? Yes.
  • City of the event? Rowland Heights.

A woman turned around and asked Olden if he could sign 
her jacket. Olden was a little hesitant but signed it anyway.

As you can see he couldn't help but laugh about it.

Here is another picture of me and Olden.

Olden posing with some kids.

Olden got a kick out of seeing some of his 
basketball cards that he had never seen before.

This was a new personal record for me at 
a signing. Olden signed all of my 20 items. 

Here's a clip of Olden on the Dr. Phil show after the devastating 
Haiti earthquake in 2010. The clip is titled "Haiti Survivor Stories".

It turns out I missed the annual L.A. Fit expo to be at this event. I don't have any regrets at all since the majority of the celebrity appearances were the same people as in previous Expo events. It doesn't mean I can't reminisce though. This photo was taken at last year's Expo and for whatever reason was never posted. 

Another event is in the works at this same location. When the date and time is confirmed with the former athlete I will be sure to post the information. The details will also be posted on Alex's website and Facebook page linked below. I'd like to thank Olden Polynice for his time and my buddy Alex for hosting this free event.

Facebook page linked here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Olden Polynice Autograph Signing

A friend of mine is hosting a free event at his practice this Saturday. I will skip the annual L.A. Fit Expo to attend this event instead. Please come out and show your support.

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Signing Of The Year


In 2012 I took a bit of a backseat with signings and other autograph events. It's nothing new and signings aren't going anywhere. They come and go just like bi***es and hoes. One positive outlook on not going to many events this year is that I'v noticed a lot more money in my pocket. This hobby does get expensive after a while.

My 2012 event of the year was a no brainer for me. It was obviously the 2012 L.A. Fit Expo that took place earlier this year. It's one of the better events that takes place annually in Southern California. Bodybuilding competitions, giveaways, beautiful woman, celebrities, athletes and autograph sessions surround the annual event. No event is better than the annual L.A. Fit Expo. If you want to be an autograph whore for a day, then the Fit Expo is the right place for you.

My 2010 signing of the year linked here.
My 2011 signing of the year linked here.
My 2012 signing of the year linked here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Keyshawn Johnson Autograph Signing

U.S. Bank had a grand opening event at their new location in downtown Los Angeles. The event featured free food, giveaways such as flat screen televisions and included an appearance by current ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson. The event was also scheduled on a Wednesday and around lunch time. I'm sure they would of had a much larger turnout if they did this on the weekend. I'm thankful that it was held on a Wednesday though. I wouldn't of been able to make it on the weekend.

When I arrived at U.S. Bank I noticed a decent turnout. ESPN radio staff told people that Keyshawn would only sign one item per person. Obviously most people just got back in line to get their second item signed. People were in and out of the autograph line in a short while. Keyshawn ended up leaving the event 15 minutes before his scheduled end time since there were no more fans in line.

Signing Recap: 
  • Items per person? One item with a chance to get back in line.
  • People in line? I arrived after the signing had started. From what people told me the line at it's peak was just a little over 50 people.
  • City of the event? Los Angeles.
  • Free signing? Yes.

I noticed fans leaving the line with a small signature on their 
footballs. I asked Keyshawn if he could give me a large signature. I'm sure 
Keyshawn heard me but he still signed it small. I jokingly told him "C'mon man".

Keyshawn was very cool about taking posed photos.

Thanks to U.S. Bank and ESPN LA for this free event.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

100 YouTube Videos

I recently uploaded my 100th video on YouTube. I only started recording videos after I started this blog 3 years ago. I don't always record footage or I would of surpassed 100 videos a long time ago. Most of the time I do record at the events I attend though. Below are what I believe are my most funny, popular, and favorite videos of all. 

One of the funniest videos I ever recorded is when I attended an event with former Laker Michael Cooper. A fan asked Michael to "hook his ball up with inscriptions". Michael then told the fan that he would do it only if he went outside and danced in front of the fans in line. You can see that even Michael Cooper enjoyed himself.

My two most popular videos on YouTube involve Manny Ramirez and Shannon Brown signing autographs. Both of these videos have over 4000 hits and counting.

Here is Manny Ramirez signing autographs in San Bernardino.

Here is Shannon Brown signing autographs somewhere in L.A.

Out of all my YouTube videos I can't say that I have just one favorite. I have many videos that I like. It was a tough decision but I narrowed it down between two videos. One video is when I and some other fans had the opportunity to do a photo op and Q & A with former Heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield. It was up close and personal. Really an honor to be around the guy.

The other video is when I had the opportunity to meet the NBA's all time scoring leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Just like Evander Holyfield, It was a priviledge and honor to be around the guy and recording my experience made it even better.

There it is. I guess I made something out of of nothing. I hope you enjoyed the videos. If you would like to subscribe to my YouTube videos then click on the link below.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Anthony Miller Autograph Signing

Anthony Miller made an appearance at  Dr Liu's Optometry practice in Rowland Heights. The event took place near the infamous Frank & Sons Collectible Show. I wanted to go to this event but I couldn't get time off of work to attend. Dr Liu informed me that if I couldn't attend, he would have Anthony sign some extra items and send them to me in the mail. Dr. Liu was also nice enough to send me a recap of Saturday's event.

Signing Recap according to Dr. Liu. 

  • People in line? 2 people arrived early at 10:00 am, signing scheduled at 12:00 pm. Miller started signing at 11:50 am with 10 people in line.
  • Items per person? As many as people brought plus extra cards the Optometry office gave out free.
  • Free signing? Yes.
  • City of the event? Rowland Heights.
Overall the event went smooth. No one had to wait more than 1 minute to get stuff signed.

Here is former Charger and 5X Pro Bowler Anthony Miller signing a unique item.

Here's another picture from the signing.

Dr. Liu informed me that he may have another signing at his practice with a current or former athlete. When something is confirmed, he will give me the info and I will post it on the side bar. You can visit his website linked below to see some of his famous clients.

I would like to Thank Dr. Liu for the recap and pictures of the event. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jered Weaver Autograph Signing

Last Thursday Jered Weaver made a appearance at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula. I planned on going but last minute obligations kept me from attending. The least I can do is reminisce to make myself feel better. Five years ago I attended a Jered Weaver autograph signing. I'm not completely sure but I think it was at a car dealership in Corona.

Ouch! Look carefully and you will see that Jered is putting a Sharpie to 
my Official Major League Baseball. I wanted to slap him on the face. Just kidding.

I made up for the Sharpie incident by getting back in line a couple of more
times. Here is Jered signing my bat. I didn't have a Sharpie issue with this autograph. 

Alright, I guess I feel better now.

I did find a recap from last weeks Jered Weaver autograph 
signing on another blog. It is linked below if you would like to read about it.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Greg Townsend Autograph Signing

Greg Townsend made one of his many appearances at the Raider Image in Ontario. The Raider Image in Ontario is Greg's second home. He practically lives there. I headed to this event knowing that it would be another easy autograph session.

I found some of Greg's football cards in my collection and knew I wanted to get them signed. When I arrived in the late afternoon only a few kids were in line getting autographs.  I only took football cards since greg signs them for a reasonable price. He signed my cards and we talked about the upcoming football season for a bit.

Signing Recap: 
  • People in line when I arrived? 2 kids. 
  • Free signing? No, he charged me $5.00 for each card signed. 
  • Items per person? As many as you wanted. You would just have to keep feeding him money.
  • Giveaways? None.
  • City of the event? Ontario. 

This is what Greg had to offer fans that didn't bring their 
own items. Everything on this table was for sale. He also mentioned 
his new book when we talked. It's pictured in the bottom right corner.

Greg's real money maker is charging fans for photo 
ops at $5 a pop. Here I am with Greg on December 2, 2009.

Here I am with Greg on May 8, 2011.

Here I am with Greg on September 17, 2011.

Another photo with Greg on September 17, 2011.

Last but not least. Here I am with Greg in our most recent photo.

Greg is the only person that I'v ever paid for a photo op. All combined I'v paid Greg $20 just to take pictures with him. The truth is I don't mind since he never made nearly as much money as current football players. Will this be the last Greg Townsend appearance I attend? Probably not. It's always an easy meet and greet autograph session and he may need the money. 

Thanks to The Raider Image in Ontario and Greg Townsend for this appearance.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Maury Wills Autograph Signing

This past Sunday Dodger great Maury Wills made an appearance at the Epicenter in Rancho Cucamonga to sign autographs. Just like always, the autograph session took place during the Quakes game. I really had no business being there. I attended a couple of Maury Wills appearances last year and other Maury Wills events even before I started this blog.

I figured since it was in my area I would take advantage of it. When I arrived I noticed a decent turnout of fans already waiting in line. There were many familiar faces but I didn't feel like mingling. I baked all day in the hot sun at work so I wasn't in the best of moods. For a good portion of the line Maury signed every item that fans put in front of him. After a while Quakes staff wanted fans to limit their items down to one item since the line was moving very slow.

Signing Recap:

  • People in line? I would guess around 50 people.
  • Items per person? Multiple items since there was a chance to get back in line.
  • Free signing? Free with paid admission.
  • Giveaways? None.
  • City of the event? Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

The only thing I could think of for Maury to sign for me was Tommy Davis' "Tales from the Dodgers Dugout". Maury did the forward on the book so it would make sense for him to also sign it.

Maury Wills, http://www.myautographsignings.com/

To be honest I regret going since I missed out on a previous
obligation and this is all I took to get signed. I guess It is what it is. 

Tommy Davis Book, http://www.myautographsignings.com/

Other posts that I have on Maury Wills are linked below.

Maury Wills autograph signing. (July 24, 2011)
Maury Wills autograph signing & Evander Holyfield photo op. (April 23, 2011)

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A dissapointing photo

 Jack Mcdowell, Jack Mcdowell autograph signing in Rancho Cucamonga
About 4 years ago I attended an autograph signing of a former baseball player. All of my items that were signed came out very nice. The only problem is that the photo op came out fu*%#d up. I never realized it until I had already arrived home and reviewed the photo on my camera.

The point here is that you should always double check your photo op before you leave an event because you never know when it will come out fu*%#d up like this one. The least you can do is get back in line and take another one. I don't even recognize myself. I'm sure I can alter the photo and take away some of the darkness but I have never bothered.

Just for the hell of it, can anybody guess who the former baseball player is? A good hint is that he played for the Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Anaheim Angels.

Please take a guess in the comments section below.

Looks Like Woody is the winner. It's 1993 AL Cy Young award winner Jack McDowell. Here is a much better picture from the signing where Jack is signing my Starting Lineup.

Jack McDowell

Jack McDowell autograph, http://www.myautographsignings.com/

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