Sunday, July 11, 2010

Manny's second game with the 66er's

Manny Ramirez played his second game with the 66er's. It's weird that he was doing well with the Dodgers but is struggling in single A. In the 2 rehab starts so far he is 0-6 with 4 strikouts. I can't believe he can't get a hit off of Single A pitchers.

The 66er's lost once again to the Lancaster Jethawks 4-0. After Manny's last at bat I waited in the parking lot. A worker for the 66er's tipped me off on what car Manny was driving. I then headed out to the parking lot and waited by his car. It was only a small group of about 6 people. I didn't get his autograph but was happy for the people who did. Manny blows me off for the second straight day. check out the video below.

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