Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dodgers Water Bottle

I came across a Dodgers water bottle yesterday at my local CVS Pharmacy in Redlands. I didn't even know these even existed. It is a 20 ounce bottle with the Dodgers logo on the front. I had never seen these before so I purchased a couple. Not so much to drink the water but for decoration purposes in my man cave. I don't know if these are a limited edition but I think the bottles look pretty cool.

  • Dodgers logo on front
  • 20 ounces of spring water
  • 12'' in height
  • $1.49 each

I also found a commemorative Lakers bottle in the same section. I know this has nothing to do with autographs but I think these bottles are nice as a decorative piece in a sports room. They almost look like liquor bottles.

Front & Back

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